For Boaters and Nature Lovers

Boaters: Use either the Lutterworth Township Public launch or the Elliot Falls Public launch. You will have access to Moore Lake and East Moore Lake, popular destinations for fishing, swimming, and pleasure boating. Depending on water levels, your boat may also have access to Black Lake, a quiet and scenic little lake.

Water Babies: Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and paddleboarding ¬†all are common uses of this lovely waterway. The current is almost non-existent. The beach area is great for kids. Parents love the shallow “wade in/play in” space between docks. Use the guest WIFI at the waterfront to connect and stream tunes while enjoying the water, woodland, sky and sun.

Fishing Enthusiasts: Look for great bass fishing in Moore and East Moore Lakes. If you can make the crossing into Black Lake, you may find a particularly rich bass fishing experience. Note that the MNR lists Moore Lake as one of its lakes that is stocked annually with lake trout. Also, check carefully along the east shore of the river for the highly spirited perch – such fun to catch! Staying on the dock? Have fun catching an endless supply of rock bass , pumpkinseed, and other sunfish.

Nature Lovers: The Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Reserve, Ontario’s largest nature reserve, is a 10 minute drive away. To the north, the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park is a hiker’s dream, offering some of the most unspoiled wilderness you will ever see in Ontario. To the south is Indian Point Provincial Park, terrific for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Note: The house was built in 1989 as a duplex and retains that structure today. The rental unit is the upper unit of the house shown in the photos. It is HUGE – three ample bedrooms, full bath and kitchen, and a 35 x 17 foot “great room” with tons of lounging space and a fireplace/woodstove.

Renters have a private entrance to their unit as well as a shared entrance which may be preferable in the winter. The two units are entirely separate and private.

The lower unit is owner-occupied. I work from home and my schedule varies, week by week. My work involves a lot of writing. You will barely notice I’m there unless I’m gardening or cutting the lawn.

Please feel free to discuss this, or any aspect of the property, with me at time of booking.

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