Where is The PostCard?

The PostCard is on the Gull River, just off Hwy 35, north of Norland, ON.

It is an easy drive northeast of Toronto. Depending on traffic, and on which part of Toronto you are departing from, drive time can range from 2 to 2.5 hours.

Upon confirming your booking, a link to Google Maps will be provided.


Note: The house was built in 1989 as a duplex and retains that structure today. The rental unit is the upper unit of the house shown in the photos. It is HUGE – three ample bedrooms, full bath and kitchen, and a 35 x 17 foot “great room” with tons of lounging space and a fireplace/woodstove.

Renters have a private entrance to their unit as well as a shared entrance which may be preferable in the winter. The two units are entirely separate and private.

The lower unit is owner-occupied. I work from home and my schedule varies, week by week. My work involves a lot of writing. You will barely notice I’m there unless I’m gardening or cutting the lawn.

Please feel free to discuss this, or any aspect of the property, with me at time of booking.

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